Dealer Resources

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Waterless Geothermal Unit

Sales Tools and Aids

Elevate your sales with our comprehensive sales tools + aids designed to empower you with knowledge and resources to showcase the benefits of Waterless Geothermal. From the sales book, to engaging presentations to informative brochures, we’ve got you covered in closing deals with confidence.


Installation Consulting

Our team of geothermal experts is here to support you throughout the installation process. Whether you need technical guidance or best practices, count on our experienced consultants to ensure seamless and efficient installations that exceed your customers’ expectations.

Customer Service

We prioritize your success, and that includes prioritizing your customers’ satisfaction. Our dedicated customer service team is available to address inquiries, resolve concerns, and provide timely assistance, ensuring your customers receive the exceptional service they deserve.

Design Question Help

Have design questions? Look no further. Our design experts are eager to lend their expertise and offer valuable insights to help you create tailor-made geothermal solutions that perfectly meet your customers’ needs.


Drilling Concern Assistance

If you encounter any drilling-related challenges, we’re here to help. We offer guidance and solutions to tackle drilling issues, making sure you can move forward with your geothermal projects seamlessly.

Dealer Financing

We understand the importance of financial support for your business. That’s why we offer dealer financing options to help you secure the resources needed to grow your geothermal venture confidently.

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