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Explore our collection of informative videos to learn more about the benefits, technology, and efficiency of geothermal heat pump systems.

Federal Tax Credits for Geothermal

Learn how federal tax credits can make your investment in geothermal energy more affordable and beneficial for the environment.

It's like Comparing Apples to Oranges

Explore the key differences between Waterless and water sourced geothermal systems and their impact on efficiency and sustainability.

DX Certifications

Understand the significance of DX certifications in ensuring your geothermal system’s safety, efficiency, and performance.

DX Is Not New: The Story of Robert Webber

Discover the history of Direct Exchange (DX) technology through the pioneering work of Robert Webber.

Earth Loop Protection: Key to Long Lasting Copper

Earth Loop Thumbnail

Learn how earth loop protection is essential for the durability and efficiency of copper piping in geothermal systems.

Efficiency Ratings: COP And What It Means For You

COP Thumbnail

Find out what Coefficient of Performance (COP) means and how it helps you evaluate geothermal heat pump efficiency.

Climate Zone Adjustment Factor Explained

Understand how the Climate Zone Adjustment Factor affects geothermal system performance in different regions.

Better Comfort For Your Home

Video Thumbnail: Better Comfort

Discover how geothermal systems provide consistent temperatures, quiet operation, and improved indoor air quality for better home comfort.

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